Custom Family Portrait

Custom Family Portrait

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What you're getting: a custom made-to-order watercolor painting of a photo of your choice (your family, portrait, etc) on 8x10 pressed, acid free watercolor paper. Includes "established 20**" or a last name (ex: The Johnson Family) below the custom portrait.

How to get the process started: Contact me through my "contact" tab (or just email, and specify what you are wanting and details on your custom family portrait, as well as photos. Preferably, please email the exact photo you want replicated to ensure perfect proportions of the family members. I will respond promptly to get things started and help suggest ideas if needed. Pets are included as a "family member"After placing your order, you will get a confirmation email, just reply to that with a picture of your family.

**Please note: if your portrait you are wanting to be recreated involves a detailed background (ex: building, landscaping, etc.), a flower wreath, or anything else - please email me before ordering. These additions have a small fee added to the original price.

-Mailed flat in a protective cardboard envelope 

-Delivery depends on your location from Baltimore, MD. please give at least 2 business days to paint, then the additional shipping days to be delivered.

*Due to the handmade process, your painting might have some imperfections!

When talking specifics and details on your custom, if you leave any important information out, I am suggested to use my artistic freedom on what I think looks proportionate and correct. Otherwise, please specify any concerns or exact detail you might want included if you do not want my complete artistic freedom. All orders are final.The Papered Goose is not responsible if packages are lost via The Postal Service and no orders can be reimbursed if this were to occur {let's hope it never happens!}